Analyzer for biogas plants, GMC Biogas 08

The GMC Biogas 08 is used to monitor the fermentation of biogas and sewage gas. In a biogas plant, the composition of the biogas needs to be monitored to optimize control of the production process.

The GMC Biogas 08 biogas analyzer from Bieler+Lang measures levels of methane, carbon dioxide, residual oxygen and hydrogen sulfide in user-defined cycles.

The hydrogen sulfide sensor is located in a separate channel and is fitted with an overload protection device. This is just one example of the maintenance-friendly design and lower maintenance costs achieved through optimization of the biogas analyzer.

Easy to use and with clearly arranged menus, the GMC Biogas 08 is the ideal starting point for efficient operation of your biogas plant.

Menus are available in English, French and German.

Custom measuring solutions are available on request.

Technical data

  • Double infrared measuring bench for CH4 and CO2
  • H2S sensor in separate channel with independently adjustable measuring interval
  • Overload protection for H2S sensor
  • Easy, menu-guided operation
  • Modular design, easily upgradeable
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Integrated data logger for 1440 records including data output
  • Active control of pump function before every measurement
  • Automatic zero calibration of sensors before every measurement
  • Available menu languages: English, French, German

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Brochure GMC Biogas 08

Room monitoring units

Essential safety rules can be found in Technical Information 4 "Sicherheitsregeln für Biogasanlagen", (TI 4) issued by Bundesverband der landwirtschaftlichen Berufsgenossenschaften e. V., which contain useful advice on the construction and operation of agricultural biogas plants. If a biogas plant contains gas warning equipment for room monitoring, TI 4 stipulates that this equipment must at least comply with the explosion zone 2 standard.


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